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Does 2/3rds of Outside Lands Kinda Suck?

I realize that’s it’s all personal preference.  I have a friend who thinks Cake is the best think since sliced bread.  Personally, I don’t really get it.  Another thing I just get is plunking down $250 for a weekend of music.  Unless, of course, it is a stellar line up. Outside Lands…I’m not so sure. Continue reading ‘Does 2/3rds of Outside Lands Kinda Suck?’


Jihadi Outfitters

A funny thing happend while at the Kanye West show last week with Zozo and ‘Gela.  I can’t remember if it was after N.E.R.D. or Rhianna (both of which pretty subpar), but we stared noticing a trend.  Actually, we started noticing a couple trends.  I hope my yet to be conceived daughter will never be overweight, yet wear tiny denim shorts, heels, halter tops, and fedoras with a tramp stamp.  Don’t forget the tramp stamp. If I had a dollar for every prominently displayed tramp stamp I saw at the show, I could have paid for my $80 ticket five times over.  No, it wasn’t that trend.  It was the trend that started with the guy sitting in front of us.  It was that scarf and that pattern.

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It’s Easy Being Green!

In commemoration of Earth Day, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight those thoughtful little things people are doing to save the planet.  Running down the embarcadero today, I saw an unusually big crowd gathered around the Hard Rock Cafe.  I thought this was odd. Perhaps people were waiting in line to get a taste of the Hard Rock’s chicken wings.  This thought was quickly scuttled as I remembered there is a Hooters right across the street. Everybody knows Hooters has much tastier wings.  As I got a little closer, I realized that everyone was gathered around a 50-foot tour bus with Tommy Lee’s surgically enhanced face plastered all over it.  Okay.  But, then I got closer and saw stamps all over the bus with catchy ‘green’ slogans.  Turns out Tommy Lee is riding around the country in a ‘green’ tour bus.  What a guy!  Sacrificing in the name of the environment and limiting his carbon footprint.  I mean, nothing screams sustainability more that a 50 foot tour bus hauling around an aging rock star.  I bet Tommy Lee even has a personal sustainability plan.  If Tommy can reduce his carbon footprint, so can you!

Training Run # 15 – 7.28 mi – 9.33 mi/min

I Have A Mortal Enemy

Perusing the blogosphere on Moday night I came across the hate filled vitriolic words of one Teddy de Burca Jr of the de Burca clan.  According to Mr. de Burca Jr, yours truly is:

“under the delusion that he can get fit enough to run the SF marathon. He will be chronicling his slow realisation (sic) that tacos, absinthe and brews won’t help his race for fitness over at this blog. Personally I don’t think he can even keep his blog going for that long.”

You can read the full text of his bombast here.  Well, Mr. de Burca, it looks like the race is on. While you and your comrades waste away the summer at bia hoi’s across Hanoi and riding around on your Belorussian beasts, I will slowly be morphing into an elite athlete.

Mr de Burca Jr. Put this in your pipe and smoke it:

Training Run #10 – 4.29 mi. – 9.23 min/mi

Training Run #11 – 4.24 mi – 9.30 min/mi

Training Run #12- 7.63 mi – 9.18 min/mi

Free Tibet (and I ran before work today!)

Today was the big day for the Olympic torch to be run through San Francisco. This would be the only North American appearance for a flame that had been nearly extinguished in London and had to be protected by police on rollerblades in Paris. (Yes, rollerblades). Such a ruckus abroad, would San Francisco be any different? Continue reading ‘Free Tibet (and I ran before work today!)’

Back on Track at Land’s End (and a blue heron)

Week two of training wasn’t the most stellar week of training for the San Francisco Marathon.  It started off well with a mellow loop from my hood in Hayes Valley out to Jackson St. and then back to the hood via Fillmore on Tuesday. Bu then, social obligations and other extracurricular sporting events took precedent over training. Went to see the Government Inspector with The Conch and a couple of her friends on Wednesday and then Thursday was opening night of the kickball season.  Sick Balls is track to win their 8th consecutive Golden Gate Division Championship.  The previous seven were sweet, but the eighth will culminate in a national tournament in Vegas over Labor Day.  Could be scary. Continue reading ‘Back on Track at Land’s End (and a blue heron)’

Does Drinking Absinthe Make You a Better Runner?

I am fully in the midst of hard-core marathon training. Part of that training includes drinking absinthe and eating tacos on the night before a 7 mile run. Yes, I know, 7 miles doesn’t seem that far, but it is only March. The marathon is four months away. I think I got time.

Absinthe is now legal in the U.S. (Woo Wo) and The Conch brought a bottle over after doing the tour and tasting at the Hangar 1 distillery in Oakland. Their master distiller has been making absinthe for *educational* purposes for the past nine years but now he can actually make it and sell it. That is good for you and me. The shit tastes good…

The label is that of a monkey playing a cow bell. Apparently, if you produce spirits, there are a lot more regulatory hoops you have to jump through to get your label approved than if you just produce beer or wine. The Hanger 1 guy wanted a label with a monkey playing drums with a human femur. Dick Cheney said no. So, he settled on a monkey playing cowbell with a femur. I know, weird.

I’m getting off topic. The Hangar 1 absinthe is tasty. We ran 7.2 miles today, the Lakers won, the wings are still tasty at Kezar, and I finished the night with a Laphroaig at Alembic.

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