Feed the Animals – Name Your Price!

A friend twittered that he was listening to the new Girl Talk album while waiting to catch a flight.  That got me thinking…I need that album.  Girl Talk’s debut was pretty awesome and I’ve rarely seen the Fillmore ever go off in ways that were witnessed last September when entire stage was crowded with kids freakin’ out almost swallowing a little bearded man twisting knobs and pounding on a lap top.  As I was looking for the album on bit torrent site, Girl Talk’s MySpace page came up with a link to buy the new album by naming your price.  For $5 bucks you got a little added bonus and for $10, the actual cd would be sent to you once they were out. But, the bottom line is that you could PayPal Girl Talk two bucks to download the new album.  You could PayPal whatever you wanted. Given this choice and knowing that most if not all of this revenue would go directly to the artist and not Steve Jobs or a major label, I quickly stopped the bit torrent and PayPal-ed some cash for the new album.  Given this choice, I think most people would do the same.  Ask Radiohead.

Yes, this post has absolutely nothing to do with running the SF marathon.  This marks the first time I’ve posted to Paiwing twice between runs.  My toes still hurt.


1 Response to “Feed the Animals – Name Your Price!”

  1. 1 Teddy July 8, 2008 at 5:06 am

    What’s all this Twittering nonsense about anyway? Don’t think you can casually drop that into your post and get away with it.

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