Last Thursday, a router busted and the good people at 369 Oak Street were without access to the internet for a whopping six days. SIX DAYS.  On the surface, it doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but I challenge you to go for an entire weekend without accessing the internet in the comfort of your own home.  It kinda sucks…more than I thought it would.  I wanted to go to a movie, but couldn’t find movie times.  I wanted to do a little research for my upcoming trip to Montreal, but couldn’t without walking to a bookstore.  I needed a recipe for flounder dish I like to make, but couldn’t get to my bookmarks.  I wanted the morning news on Sunday without leaving the house, but was thwarted. Hell, for all I knew there could be a black man running for president or the Lakers playing the Celtics in the NBA Finals. Oh, wait…that actually did happen.

Lack of internet nonwithstanding, I did manage to hit the pavement with the boys and we turned in the  longest run to date at nearly 15 miles.  I still can’t imagine tacking on another 10 to complete a marathon. Should be fun…and painful.

Training Run #34 – 4.82 mi – 8.46 min/mi

Training Run #35 – 4.93mi – 9.39 min/mi

Training Run #36 – 6.62mi – 8.47 min/mi

Training Run #37 – 14.6mi – 9.27 min/mi


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