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Feed the Animals – Name Your Price!

A friend twittered that he was listening to the new Girl Talk album while waiting to catch a flight.  That got me thinking…I need that album.  Girl Talk’s debut was pretty awesome and I’ve rarely seen the Fillmore ever go off in ways that were witnessed last September when entire stage was crowded with kids freakin’ out almost swallowing a little bearded man twisting knobs and pounding on a lap top.  Continue reading ‘Feed the Animals – Name Your Price!’


My Toes Hurt

After roughly three months of running more than I have ever run in my life, I think I am really starting to feel it.  When I say ‘it’.  ‘It’ refers to the pain. The long runs are starting to feel real long and the creaks are getting creakier.  I’m definitely not 19 anymore.  But, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to bounce back from the longer runs. Walking up the stairs to my house is usually problematic the day (or two) after a long run.  On the bright side, we a heading down the home stretch with this *training* regimen.  On Sunday we hit the 16 mile mark. Then, I promptly came home, drank a gatorade, and zonked out for a few hours.  It’s now Monday and I’m still pretty sore.  My toes actually hurt. The thought of running 26 miles in one go somehow doesn’t seem that appealing anymore.

Training Run #38 – 4.17 mi – 9.11 min/mi

Training Run #39 – 7.67 mi – 8.51 min/mi

Training Run #40 – 16.02 mi – 9.43 min/mi


Last Thursday, a router busted and the good people at 369 Oak Street were without access to the internet for a whopping six days. SIX DAYS.  On the surface, it doesn’t seem like too big a deal, but I challenge you to go for an entire weekend without accessing the internet in the comfort of your own home.  It kinda sucks…more than I thought it would.  I wanted to go to a movie, but couldn’t find movie times.  I wanted to do a little research for my upcoming trip to Montreal, but couldn’t without walking to a bookstore.  I needed a recipe for flounder dish I like to make, but couldn’t get to my bookmarks.  I wanted the morning news on Sunday without leaving the house, but was thwarted. Hell, for all I knew there could be a black man running for president or the Lakers playing the Celtics in the NBA Finals. Oh, wait…that actually did happen. Continue reading ‘Offline’

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