Am I Making Progress? Or am I Falling Apart?

After slightly falling off the training schedule due to the annual Bay to Broken recovery period and spending too much time in Thieves Tavern watching the Lakers and the Machine drive to the NBA Finals, I’m finally starting to get back to normal.  On a side note, if you ever need a pint and a boiled hot dog and you only have $3, go to Thieves between 5 and 8pm.  So far, Thieves hasn’t let me down.

Ever since Bay to Breakers, random little parts of my body have been hurting.  I don’t think I can chalk it all up to B2B, but I think the cumulative effect of running 25 miles a week is starting to wear me to down. My knees hurt, the inside of right knee hurt, my left ankle hurts, may lower back hurts, and my Achilles is starting to hurt.  Considering I’ve never done this before, I’m not sure if this is how your body is supposed to behave.  On the positive side, I’m running faster miles and an 8 mile run doesn’t seem to phase me too much. On the negative side, I have lots of little aches and pains.  Hopefully, they stay little.

Training Run #27 – 4.94 mi – 9.1 min/mi

Training Run #28 – 8.1 mi – 9.38 min/mi

Training Run #29 – 7.09 mi – 8.55 min/mi

Training Run #30 – 6.18 mi – 9.34 min/mi

Training Run #31 – 9.66 mi – 9.09 min/mi


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