Jihadi Outfitters

A funny thing happend while at the Kanye West show last week with Zozo and ‘Gela.  I can’t remember if it was after N.E.R.D. or Rhianna (both of which pretty subpar), but we stared noticing a trend.  Actually, we started noticing a couple trends.  I hope my yet to be conceived daughter will never be overweight, yet wear tiny denim shorts, heels, halter tops, and fedoras with a tramp stamp.  Don’t forget the tramp stamp. If I had a dollar for every prominently displayed tramp stamp I saw at the show, I could have paid for my $80 ticket five times over.  No, it wasn’t that trend.  It was the trend that started with the guy sitting in front of us.  It was that scarf and that pattern.

I think it was Zozo who said, ‘Yeah, it’s the same scarves you sees kids down in the Gaza Strip wearing while they throw rocks at Israeli soldiers. Now they sell them at Urban Outfitters.’  Then we started looking around and the scarf and pattern was everywhere.

We didn’t even have to get out of our seats to find this guy.

Then we looked and saw this girl. She was rollin’ with the Jihadi inspired print on her fashionable lid.

Not to be outdone, this chicka was sportin’ the Jihadi hand bag. I wonder if this look would ever catch on in the Strip.

Thanks to the hard work and superb research skills of one of the PaiWing interns, this blog post was uncovered explaining how Urban Outfitters stopped selling knock of Jihadi scarves stating, “Due to the sensitive nature of this item, we will no longer offer it for sale. We apologize if we offended anyone, this was by no means our intention.” Good on ya’ Urban Outfitters.  Looks like the kaffiyeh has gone mainstream.  I love how convenient Urban Outfitters made it to pick the color of your kaffiyeh using nifty little drop down menus.  It’s just as easy as ordering khaki pants form J Crew.

So, how does Kanye West fit into this? This is how. Kanye is bringing Terrorism Chic back!

So, how does this post fit into my quest to run the San Francisco Marathon.  It fits because it lets you know that I am still running and Teddy de Burca Jr is still probably sitting at a bia hoi in Hanoi dreaming of the Ragin’ Rooster from Extreme Pizza.

Training Run #16 – 4.98 mi -8.55 min/mi

Training Run #17 – 5.19 mi – 8.49 min/mi

Training Run #18 – 4.61 mi – 9.27 min/mi

Training Run #19 – 9.68 mi – 9.45 min/mi

Training Run #20 – 4.86 mi – 9.17 min/mi

Training Run #21 – 5.20 mi – 8.57 min/mi


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