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Am I Making Progress? Or am I Falling Apart?

After slightly falling off the training schedule due to the annual Bay to Broken recovery period and spending too much time in Thieves Tavern watching the Lakers and the Machine drive to the NBA Finals, I’m finally starting to get back to normal.  On a side note, if you ever need a pint and a boiled hot dog and you only have $3, go to Thieves between 5 and 8pm.  So far, Thieves hasn’t let me down. Continue reading ‘Am I Making Progress? Or am I Falling Apart?’


Does 2/3rds of Outside Lands Kinda Suck?

I realize that’s it’s all personal preference.  I have a friend who thinks Cake is the best think since sliced bread.  Personally, I don’t really get it.  Another thing I just get is plunking down $250 for a weekend of music.  Unless, of course, it is a stellar line up. Outside Lands…I’m not so sure. Continue reading ‘Does 2/3rds of Outside Lands Kinda Suck?’

Jihadi Outfitters

A funny thing happend while at the Kanye West show last week with Zozo and ‘Gela.  I can’t remember if it was after N.E.R.D. or Rhianna (both of which pretty subpar), but we stared noticing a trend.  Actually, we started noticing a couple trends.  I hope my yet to be conceived daughter will never be overweight, yet wear tiny denim shorts, heels, halter tops, and fedoras with a tramp stamp.  Don’t forget the tramp stamp. If I had a dollar for every prominently displayed tramp stamp I saw at the show, I could have paid for my $80 ticket five times over.  No, it wasn’t that trend.  It was the trend that started with the guy sitting in front of us.  It was that scarf and that pattern.

Continue reading ‘Jihadi Outfitters’

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