Back on Track at Land’s End (and a blue heron)

Week two of training wasn’t the most stellar week of training for the San Francisco Marathon.  It started off well with a mellow loop from my hood in Hayes Valley out to Jackson St. and then back to the hood via Fillmore on Tuesday. Bu then, social obligations and other extracurricular sporting events took precedent over training. Went to see the Government Inspector with The Conch and a couple of her friends on Wednesday and then Thursday was opening night of the kickball season.  Sick Balls is track to win their 8th consecutive Golden Gate Division Championship.  The previous seven were sweet, but the eighth will culminate in a national tournament in Vegas over Labor Day.  Could be scary.But back to the marathon training.  That is the point of blog after all.  After not running since Tuesday, I hooked up with the other two members of the team, Seth and Rowan.  It looks like Captain Doug has dropped out leaving just us three.  We drove up to inspiration point (very romantic), parked, and ran through the Presidio to Baker Beach.  From Baker Beach, we worked our way up to the Land’s End trailhead and followed the trail for a few miles.  I had never been to Land’s End. How I had managed to live in San Francisco for so long and never come to Land’s End I will never know.  It must be one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.  Running on a path that hugs large cliffs looking over the shimmering Pacific Ocean gleaming below is definitely a treat. It makes me feel that the exhorbitant rent I pay in San Francisco is worth it. Off topic once again.  We got off the trail, wrapped around down by Clement Street, and followed back around the edge of the Presideo Golf Course.  Near the end, I felt like I might die.  And, it was only 8 miles.  I’ve still got a long way to go.  This might be harder thank I thought.

(And we saw a blue heron near Baker Beach. At leas Rowan said it was a blue heron)

Training Run # 7 – Presidio>Baker Beach>Land’s End>Clement Street>Presidio, 8 mi.


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