The Runner’s High: Does it Really Exist?

Interesting article in the NYT on the runner’s high.  According to neuroscientists in Germany, it does! It’s like I just discovered a pot of gold at the end or the rainbow.  It kinda makes you wonder if the runner’s high is the same as the junkie’s high.  Or the crackhead’s high.  Or the booze hound’s high. Or the stoner’s high. Or Client No. 9’s high. Or the tweaker’s high. Or the…I think you get the picture.

I’m on a mission to find out. Stay tune to find how my mind/body reacts to 26.2 miles in one go.  I wanna get high.

Training run #3- Oak St>Van Ness>Jackson>Fillmore>Oak>Home, 4.19 mi, 9:31 min/mi.


1 Response to “The Runner’s High: Does it Really Exist?”

  1. 1 Linda April 24, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    It definitely exists and its definitely addictive. My mum used to call it “runner’s cloud” when my Dad was injured and couldn’t go out running. It’s the release of endorphines which give you a similar level of happiness to taking drugs or falling in love. I’m addicted to training for races – if I can’t go out running for a few days because of illness or whatever I get soooo moody.

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