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Does Drinking Absinthe Make You a Better Runner?

I am fully in the midst of hard-core marathon training. Part of that training includes drinking absinthe and eating tacos on the night before a 7 mile run. Yes, I know, 7 miles doesn’t seem that far, but it is only March. The marathon is four months away. I think I got time.

Absinthe is now legal in the U.S. (Woo Wo) and The Conch brought a bottle over after doing the tour and tasting at the Hangar 1 distillery in Oakland. Their master distiller has been making absinthe for *educational* purposes for the past nine years but now he can actually make it and sell it. That is good for you and me. The shit tastes good…

The label is that of a monkey playing a cow bell. Apparently, if you produce spirits, there are a lot more regulatory hoops you have to jump through to get your label approved than if you just produce beer or wine. The Hanger 1 guy wanted a label with a monkey playing drums with a human femur. Dick Cheney said no. So, he settled on a monkey playing cowbell with a femur. I know, weird.

I’m getting off topic. The Hangar 1 absinthe is tasty. We ran 7.2 miles today, the Lakers won, the wings are still tasty at Kezar, and I finished the night with a Laphroaig at Alembic.


The Runner’s High: Does it Really Exist?

Interesting article in the NYT on the runner’s high.  According to neuroscientists in Germany, it does! It’s like I just discovered a pot of gold at the end or the rainbow.  It kinda makes you wonder if the runner’s high is the same as the junkie’s high.  Or the crackhead’s high.  Or the booze hound’s high. Or the stoner’s high. Or Client No. 9’s high. Or the tweaker’s high. Or the…I think you get the picture.

I’m on a mission to find out. Stay tune to find how my mind/body reacts to 26.2 miles in one go.  I wanna get high.

Training run #3- Oak St>Van Ness>Jackson>Fillmore>Oak>Home, 4.19 mi, 9:31 min/mi.

Training Run #2 and Fixed gears

Training run # 2 and I’m back in San Francisco.  I’m already starting to dread to the next 80-odd runs I will have to do in windy, foggy San Francisco.  I will have no shot at becoming a world-class marathon runner if I have to train in such conditions.  At least I have the beauty of the Mission District to run through in lieu of warm sunny weather.  I would gladly trade sunny/warm/glorious for blatant drug deals/trannies walking little dogs/fixed gears. Continue reading ‘Training Run #2 and Fixed gears’

The Ressurection

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  I know that phrase is usually associated for retirement, but, in my case it relates to a decision to run the San Francisco Marathon in August.  Today, I began my training.  I agreed to do this thing with three friends.  Only one of us has actually run a marathon, but the rest of us have blind confidence.   I mean, with twenty weeks to prepare, why can’t we run 26.2 miles through the streets of San Francisco?  On Wednesday we registered online, paid $100, and selected the correct size running shirt.  Talk about a racket.  How do you get people to pay $100 to physically punish themselves? I don’t understand. Continue reading ‘The Ressurection’

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